Parents Day

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  • Surreal Zone
    Roses are the best flowers to gift someone. Here is a gift which will melt anyone`s heart. Bunch of 15 yellow roses in a yellow paper packing Gift this to your near and dear ones to make them understand how much you love and care for them.

    Regular Price: ₹750.00

    Special Price ₹650.00

  • Love Around
    10 Long Stem Red Roses in a red and white paper packing with red colour ribbon bow and lot of fillers.

    Regular Price: ₹699.00

    Special Price ₹499.00

  • Rose With Celebrations
    Celebrate everyday in a grand way. On this special day, express what words cant say. Convey your feelings to your loved ones with this bunch of 10 mix colour roses (4 red, 2 yellow, 2 white, 2 pink ) with lots of fillers in a Blue paper packing finished with a colourful ribbon and 141.5 grams of Cadbury celebrations.

    Regular Price: ₹799.00

    Special Price ₹599.00

  • Sweet Combo
    Bunch of 15 Red Roses in a paper packing With 6inch Soft toy, 500gm Truffle Cake & 5 cadbury chocolate (14gm each).

    Regular Price: ₹1,799.00

    Special Price ₹1,550.00

  • Treat Of Special Truffle
    This Half Kg Special Truffle Cake Full Load Of chocolaty and Truffle ,and this cake complete your occasion and chocolaty

    Regular Price: ₹849.00

    Special Price ₹749.00

  • Choco fruite love
    This Beautiful Combo Consists Of : * 4 Kg Fresh Fruits like apple ,pomegranate,orange etc * one box Danish Butter cookies (400gm) * Cad bury celebration box(141 gm) * 3 Dairy milk Silk(65 gm each) * Good Quality Wooden cane basket

    Regular Price: ₹3,999.00

    Special Price ₹3,499.00

  • Healthy Surprise
    This Beautiful Gifts Consists Of : * 7 Kg Fresh Fruits (pineapple,apple,orange,Kiwi etc * Good quality cane Basket * Seasonal flowers with nice ribbon

    Regular Price: ₹3,299.00

    Special Price ₹3,099.00

  • Delight Fruit And Flower
    This Beautiful Combo Consists Of : * 60 Premium Long stem Mix Color roses * Arrange In good quality Basket * 3 Kg Fresh Fruits in a Good Quality Cane Basket (Apple ,Banana,Grapes,Kiwi etc)

    Regular Price: ₹2,899.00

    Special Price ₹2,799.00

  • Splendid Healthy orchids
    This Beautiful "Splendid Healthy orchids" Consists Of : * 4 Kg Fresh Fruits (apple,Grapes,Orange etc) * 6 Splendid Purple Orchids *Good quality Cane basket with some beautiful dry sticks * Seasonal leaves and fillers

    Regular Price: ₹1,999.00

    Special Price ₹1,799.00

  • Passionate Beauty And Fresh Fruits
    This Beautiful "Passionate Beauty And Fresh Fruits" Consists Of : * 20 Premium Long Stem Red Roses * 15 Long stem Sunshine Yellow Roses * 15 Cute Pink Roses * 3 Pure white Roses * 12 inch crystal clear Vase with some dry sticks * Seasonal Leaves and fillers * 3 Kg Fresh Good Quality Fruits * Good Quality Cane basket

    Regular Price: ₹3,299.00

    Special Price ₹2,899.00

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