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Online Flowers Delivery In Gurgaon

Flowers delivery online in across India with FREE shipping Order from Gurgaon Florist, India's No.1 online florist catering to personal, corporate floral & gifting needs.

  • Sweet Gift For Sweet Person
    This Beautiful "Sweet Gift For Sweet Person" Consists Of : * 6 Long Stem Premium Pink Roses * Cristal Clear Vase * Seasonal White Fillers and leaves * One Premium Birthday Mylar Balloons Bloomed(including cap and sticks)
  • Romance with Smile
    This Beautiful "Romance with Smile" Consists Of : * 50 Long Stem Premium Red Roses * Special Red paper and red net Wrapped * Seasonal Leaves and fillers * one Pound Special chocolate Truffle crunchy Cake(Egg less Guarantied) * one pies Premium "I Love You" Mylar Balloons
  • Smile On Your Face
    This Beautiful "Smile On Your Face" Consists Of : * 12 Red roses Hand Bunch with seasonal leaves and fillers * 2 Feet Large Teddy Bear (Branded 100% Gurantee)
  • You Are My Valentine
    This Beautiful "You Are My Valentine" Consists Of : * 200 Long stem Premium Pink roses * 300 Long stem Premium Red Roses * Seasonal Leaves and fillers * Beautiful satin Ribbon * Good Quality Wooden Basket
  • Sweet Love Wish
    This gift set of red roses and pineapple cake.(Sweet Love Wish ) Consists of : * 10 Red roses red paper wrapped lots of seasonal leaves and fillers and red ribbon bow * 500 Gm delicious Pineapple cake (Egg less)
  • Emotional Love
    This generous bouquet is a perfect way to send caring thoughts to someone special. This Beautiful bouquet consists of 20 long stem premium red and white roses with lots of seasonal leaves and fillers and red and white premium paper wrapped
  • Sunshine Choco Sweet Treat
    Fill the day of your loved ones with lots of sunshine and sweetness, by sending this exclusive Sunshine Choco Sweet Treat to them This Beautiful Gift Consists Of : * 10 Yellow Roses nicely wrapped with Yellow Premium Paper * Seasonal Leaves And fillers * 16 Pisces Ferrero Rocher (200gm) * 12 Inch Cute Teddy bear
  • Beautiful Combo
    This gift hamper is just the perfect one to make your beloved happy. It includes 30 fresh white roses and carnation beautifully tied with a paper sheet and a red ribbon bow and Half Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake, This Beautiful Combo Consists Of : * 15 White Roses * 15 Red Carnation * Seasonal Leaves and fillers * Half Kg Eggless Chocolate Truffle cake
  • Weekend Surprise
    Send these Weekend Surprise to your lady love and give her a reason to smile every day of the Valentine week.and make sure with for timely and fresh flower delivery,and we sure that this Weekend Surprise bring smile on your loved ones face * Day 1: 15 Long stem premium pink roses with seasonal leaves and fillers * Day 2: 10 long stem red roses in a glass Vase * Day 3: 6 Blue Orchids Nicely Wrapped with seasonal leaves and fillers * Day 4: 15 long stem roses arrange in basket with leaves and fillers * Day 5: 15 long stem premium Yellow roses nicely wrapped with premium yellow paper and seasonal leaves and fillers * Day 6: 10 Long stem Red Roses nicely Wrapped with white and red premium paper and lots of greenery and one box Cadbury Celebration Box(140 gm) * Day 7: 30 Premium red roses heart shape arragment with one cute 6 inch teddy and 2 pcs Dairymilk silk chocolate(65 gm each)
  • Make Ocassion Great
    Mixed Roses: By mixing rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a bouquet of emotions. For example, a bouquet of red and white roses would mean I love you intensely and my intentions are honorable. This Beautiful Gift Consists Of : * 12 Long stem Mix Colour Roses * 1 Kg Chocolate cake (Eggless) * 20 Red colour Baloons (Air filled )
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