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Online Designer Cakes Delivery in Gurgaon

Online Designer Cakes Delivery in Gurgaon now frame some portion of the most vital things which are required for a fruitful wedding. A wedding is a vital thing that requires sufficient arranging numerous months prior to the genuine day. For couples not very affluent, there is a need to spare cash, some of the time taking a long time to prepare enough cash before educating general society regarding the arrangement to get hitched. With a specific end goal to influence visitors to appreciate each snapshot of the service, the wedding cakes are something introduced.

In the event that you are arranging your huge day, it is imperative to know how to pick the correct Online Designer Cakes Delivery in Gurgaon. You ought not accept that creator cakes are shabby .you could in any case have a cake that would in any case speak to your identity and influence your visitors to appreciate each chomp of the cake.

  • Reverie Butterscotch Chocolate
    This Beautiful cake Contains Of : * 1 Kg Fresh and Delicious "Reverie Butterscotch Chocolate"

    Regular Price: ₹1,199.00

    Special Price ₹1,049.00

  • Amazing Choco Vanila
    This 1 kg Amazing Choco Vanila cake for Chocolate lovers will rejoice right from the time they lay their eyes on it to the time it melts in their mouth and gurgaon florist serve you a great moments
  • Double Heart Delicious cake
    Get a lovely and charming 2 kg Double Heart Delicious Cake to declare your love.This delicious Chocolate Cake is sure to win hearts.And we make sure we take care of your occasion Properly
  • Amazing 5 star pinnapple
    It is suitable for all occasions and ages, you can without doubt to surprise your loved one. Win the heart of your paramour by gifting her 1 kg Amazing 5 star pineapple cake.
  • Double Layer Choco Forest
    Feel this yummy and delicious Double Layer Choco Forest Cake(3kg) melt smoothly in your mouth in every bite.
  • Special chese cake
    Treat you and your loved ones with one kg Special chese Cake(From 5 star Bakery) and make the celebration most special and memorable With
  • Big Fruite Delicious
    The exotic taste of fresh fruits, topped with fresh cream brings refreshment to your taste buds. Send this 4 kg Double layer Fresh Fruit Cake to your beloved. It is the best way to celebrate sweet moments.
  • Sweet cherry forest
    Enriched with whipped cream in layers of chocolate sponge yummy cake, this is sure to be a lip smacking treat on any occasion ,we make your occasions memorable( This Sweet cherry forest consists of : * 500gm egglesh fresh cream cake
  • Love With Roses
    This Half Kg roses cake Bring a lot of smile on her face and gurgaonflorist,com made your occasion lovable and joyful
  • Silky Dream Of Pineapple
    This One Kg Silky Dream Of Pineapple cake as light as feather and with all the goodness and Silky Dream Of Pineapple
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