Wedding Cakes

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  • Chocolate Butterscotch Eggless Cake
    This Beautiful cake Contains Of : * 1 Kg Fresh and Delicious "Chocolate Butterscotch Eggless Cake"

    Regular Price: ₹1,199.00

    Special Price ₹1,049.00

  • Special chese cake
    Treat you and your loved ones with one kg Special chese Cake(From 5 star Bakery) and make the celebration most special and memorable With
  • Juicy Fruite Cake
    Treat your family with Half Kg of Juicy Fruite Cake with and make your special moments Fresh and Memorable
  • Walnut Fresh Fruite Cake
    Treat you r family with One Kg of Walnut Fresh Fruite Cake with and make your special moments Fresh and Memorable
  • Truffle photo cake
    This One kg Truffle photo cake From provides you the best of Truffle photo cake which is yummy,tasty and delicious
  • Chico Coffee Cake
    Treat them with one Kg Chico Coffee Cake with, ensures that it is dark, chico coffee its like cold coffee - but what makes it really special is the Coffee.
  • Special Chips Truffle Cake
    This Half kg Special Chips Truffle Cake gives Enjoy everyone but also to eat it messily with your hands and lips smeared with chocolate
    This Half Kg Lucious Strawberry Cake A classic choice for everyone from wives to first dates. Send this to your friends to charm them and bring yumminess to their regular Ocassions
    This Beautiful half kg Butterscotch cake bring a sweets smile on him/her face,cake should be fresh and tasty
  • The Royal chocolate cake
    500 gm chocolate truffle cake With smooth surface and yummy chocolate make strides.

    Regular Price: ₹850.00

    Special Price ₹750.00

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