Congratulations Cakes

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  • Special Chips Truffle Cake
    This Half kg Special Chips Truffle Cake gives Enjoy everyone but also to eat it messily with your hands and lips smeared with chocolate
  • Luscious strawberry Heart Cake
    This 1 kg Luscious strawberry Heart Cake Tell her how much you care with this exquisite heart shaped cream cake with the most luscious taste and always take care of your occasion
  • Dedicated Strawberry fruit cake
    Any occasion gets complete only when a cake is cut and provides you the best of Dedicated Strawberry fruit cake which is yummy and lot of fresh fruit
  • Special Vanilla Heart Cake
    This one kg of all time favorite Special Vanilla Heart Cake made with moist egg less vanilla sponge cake with Vanilla Cream and always take care of your occasion make joyful
  • Special strawberry Heart Cake
    Get a wonderfully Special strawberry Heart Cake for celebrating your years of togetherness. This delicious, moist heart cake size of One Kg will make for the perfect center piece for the always take care of your ocassion
  • Splendid Orchids With Cake
    This Beautiful Gift Consists Of: * 6 Pcs Splendid Purple Orchids *Seasonal Leaves and fillers * Nicely Wrapped * One Pound Black Forest Cake (Egg less)
  • Red Roses And Cake
    This Beautiful Gift consists Of : * 10 Long stem Premium Red roses * Seasonal Leaves and Fillers * One pound Egg less Chocolate Cake
  • Kiddos Cherry Vanilla Cake
    This Beautiful cake Contains Of : * 1 Kg Fresh and Delicious "Kiddos Cherry Vanilla Cake"

    Regular Price: ₹2,200.00

    Special Price ₹1,999.00

  • White Chocolate Butterscotch Cakes
    This Beautiful cake Contains Of : * 1 Kg Fresh and Delicious "White Chocolate Butterscotch Cakes"

    Regular Price: ₹1,399.00

    Special Price ₹1,249.00

  • Sweetheart love cake
    This 1 kg Sweetheart love cake is the Heart-to-Heart Chocolate Cake because, hey, nothing speaks of closeness better than a heart shaped cake carved beautiful over a larger heart shaped cake!
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